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Note: Please feel free to download and use these resources:

‘Welcoming Newcomers’

'Welcoming'  image
‘I Was A Stranger ….’ is a useful leaflet which was designed by ‘Coventry Churches Together with Refugees in Coventry’ to give people ideas of things to talk about to newcomers and things not to ask.

Although designed to give people confidence in welcoming refugees who come to a church, the advice is helpful for meeting newcomers anywhere.

Click here or on the attachment at the bottom of the page to download a copy.


‘Challenging Racism and Fear within Ourselves and Others’

Many-coloured faces

This is a useful article, written by Alan Sprung, which identifies racism as an oppression and describes why it’s important for human societies to get rid of it, for the benefit of those people who are targeted by it and those who are coerced into acting as the agents of it.

The article emphasises the importance of creating opportunities for all people to be listen to with respect in order that they get the chance to tell the stories about the ways in which racism has impacted on their lives.

Click here or on the attachment at the bottom of the page to download a copy.


‘Welcome Bookmark’

Example of bookmark

We designed this bookmark as a children’s colouring activity when we had a stall in the bus station.

They are a nice gift to offer people and we have used them on lots of other occasions.

This example is coloured in – for the blank front and back page templates see the attachments below.

‘I_was_a_stranger’_ document1.12 MB
‘Challenging_Racism_and_Fear_within_Ourselves_and_Others’.doc26 KB
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